Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 3:Trivia of Damnoen Saduak

Damnoen Saduak is the infamous Bangkok floating market.No wakeup call, bikers rose early to ride the final destination. Took morning coffee and heat-up engine under drizzling rain. Situated at Bangkok outskirt, journey from Petchaburi to floating market is only 85km.
The challenge today is not of the road condition but the wheather and Bangkok traffic. Hell lots of insane riders , we braved through heavy rain and light tropical thunderstorm nonsuch happy kids endured the road under constructions, sort of additional challenge we'd never anticipated.
Wet wet wet...thanks to the invention of rain gear! The road is too very slippery. Tell you pals, it is indeed very important to have safe and confortable riding gear, waterproofs. Motorbike too, must and must in good condition for round trip. Before riding, invest a little on brake pad, cable and hose, do adjustment and what not; including re-set of the suspension.

Touring will definitely adding loads from a place to another . That will paid off by comfort at road handling under misery wheather.
Phew.. shed off out riding suit at the market enterence and hang it over letting the rain water drip off. With light t-shirt and pants, we went lepak-lepak around and tried out brewing coffee with cookies round. Refeshed!

PakMan&wife,Anuar&wife,Bangcik and Bob rented out boat for 50baht/head / 30 mins. Free and easy but pity the makcik peddled out with baby elephant sized bikers onboard! 

It was still early when we arrived so the boating was smooth. We took photos and checked again the things to buy list before decided to zoom off. As this not a shopping trip, everyone made resolution to come again with family. It is still raining when we said goodbye to floating market. Mr Ezad looked fresh riding in rain, otherwise our man will be yawning along the way. His carbohidrate level is fast burning maybe that he is fast asleep and need to stop for a quick nap!
Next disty is Pruachap Kiri Kan which is 246km away. We ran out of time actually, thus the group decide in-situ as where to stop for meal and continue the journey for another 180km to Chumpon. Stop for refreshment at Cha Am beach but a couple of bikes extended to Hua Hin. They were riding faster than Pace Rider and got to find their own hotel in Chumpon. No sweat, as long as everyone is safe and sound. No "horray-hooray" tonite as group are in total worn out after rain bath in Bangkok and sunny way to Cha Am. A few get down for food and some others having maggi cup happy meal.At hotel, PakMan made alternative plan for the journey nex morning as heard of news that Surat Thani is nonstop raining.

More challenge for tomorrow's home leg to cross border Thailand/Malaysia... sawadee....

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wajidi said...

Amboi Kak Zai dengan Pak man tu mesra ka gayat. Tengok muka pak man lebih gayat lagi. sejuj kot. naik sampan tengah hujan. yang ni la depa kata OverlanD. shoping sampai tak dak land.